Do I Have Any Legal Rights After Been Diagnosed With Mesothelioma

Exposed To Asbestos While Working

You do have rights, but exactly what you can claim depends on your specific job, when your exposure occurred, and many other factors.   Employers are mandated to tell their employees about asbestos exposure, and give them protective gear.  However, due to the long latency period, the time between exposure and the appearance of the mesothelioma, you may have been exposed thirty or forty years ago.

If you are a in a union,  you may be able to get help and information from your union.  If you were exposed in the military, you need to start with the VA.  However, to fight for your rights, you will probably need an attorney, one who specializes in personal injury lawsuits.  You would probably do best with an attorney or firm that specializes in mesothelioma litigation.

How Do I Find A Lawyer

If you have a family lawyer, you can ask that person for a recommendation.  You can ask your doctor for a  recommendation.  If you have been to any support groups or met other patients with mesothelioma, you can ask if any of them have attorneys that they are happy with.

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If someone on television or a particular website appeals to you, you can meet with that person or firm, but try to get concrete information from them on how many cases they have handled and how much success they have had. You will want your lawyer to be working on your legal rights and trying to get any possible compensation due you to treat your illness. Then you can concentrate on your treatment.

What If My Mesothelioma Is The Result Of Doing My Job?

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits depending on where you live.  You may be able to get reimbursed for medical costs, lost wages, and possibly in some cases, personal damages, especially if you’re employer was negligent.  Remember that there was a long period of time after exposure to asbestos until your mesothelioma appeared.  It may have been anywhere between 20 and 50 years, so you may have to think hard to remember  where you were working and how you can document what happened

At the current time, your employer is responsible for letting you know if you are working with asbestos, and your employer is supposed to provide certain kinds of protection and information.  The only way to know with absolute certainty if a product contains asbestos is to have the material tested by an accredited laboratory.  The only way to know if asbestos-containing material is present in a home or a building is to have an inspection by a state-certified asbestos inspector.  You can look in the yellow pages under “Asbestos Consulting & Testing”

Your employer should be able to provide the information about asbestos related products that information about asbestos related products that are being used at the workplace.  Any worker who is concerned with asbestos -related exposure on the job site may discuss the situation with their employee health and safety representative, and their employers. By law, warning labels must be placed on all asbestos containing material (ACM) at the workplace such as materials, mixtures, scrap and on all containers of asbestos products, including waste containers.

It will be your lawyer’s job to investigate whether or not your employer may be responsible for your mesothelioma.   Visit mesothelioma lawyer locator to learn more about how your legal rights